Free Consultation

An opportunity to find out your goals and set personal targets. You will be provided with questionnaires as a means of getting to know you and your needs. This leads on to a tailor made personal training programme.

Full body transformation

The full body transformation includes 3 sessions a week for 3 months- 36 sessions in total, free consultation and fitness test. Nutrition plan, visit to the physiotherapist for a massage, free group PT session, Make It Personal T-shirt and MIP water bottle.

Sports Nutrition Program

6 weeks Nutrition program -Try our new nutritional programs for breakfast, lunch and dinner with calorie counting and a food list for the recipes

Online training

Receive a 4 week full body tailored program online. Train in your own time at home or in the gym. full workout videos, 24/7 help and advice

Six Week Intense Weight Loss program

3 personal training sessions per week- 18 sessions in total. Healthy eating plan and nutritional advise. Free MIP water bottle

Single session

Book in a single session before deciding to commit to a 6-12 week programme.


Sign up online and receive a free MIP water bottle and 15% off your first booking.

As a keen football player, I’m always looking for time to incorporate football training in to my weekly workouts. Finding it difficult to manage football training alongside my gym workouts, a friend recommended I start training with Tamara at MIP training. Using her expert knowledge alongside personal experiences, Tamara has allowed me to hone in on my football skills whilst keeping my fitness levels up through a combination of HIIT training and ball skills. I am no longer dissatisfied with my weekly training sessions! If you’re looking for a trainer who tailors workouts to your specific needs, who guides, encourages and supports you throughout the process, you will be hard pushed to find better than Tamara Ashaye

– Shawn South London

Make it personal’ couldn’t be a more perfect name. Tamara has taken each of the requirements outlined in my consultation and tailored my workouts accordingly. Having a knee injury has made it extremely difficult to workout, resulting in a deterioration in my fitness. I wanted a personal trainer that could help me on my journey to recovery. Becoming a client of ‘Make it personal’ was the best decision I could have made. Tamara has produced a plan to gradually strengthen my knee without the pain and pressure.
The workouts vary from session to session, creating an element of excitement. I enjoy attending every session, turning up at each one without fail!

– Sebastian, East London

I started training with Tamara in a bid to not only lose weight, but to also increase my health and fitness. I’ve been trying different ways to workout over the past 5 years, all of which have led to the loss of motivation and boredom. Tamara has allowed me to fall in love with training again. Not only does she make each session fun and exciting, but she also motivates and encourages me throughout the day with little text reminders to keep me focused. She has tailored my sessions and my nutrition to work around what is best for me. Her dedication is inspirational. In 6 weeks I have managed to lose weight, tone up and start living a healthier lifestyle. Tamara is a trainer suited to all ages and any fitness level. I would highly recommend!

– Analisa, North London